I'm going to make millions...

There is only one show on televisions that exists that makes my palms sweat with excitement, makes my heartbeat rush into palpitations, and makes my eyes well up with tears of joy.

What show can bring this housewife and stay-at-home-mom of 3 small babies to my knees BEGGING for more MORE MORE?!?!

None other than the Shark Tank.

I'm not sure if it is due to my absolute love of (and complete lack of) money, or just the way the entire show was designed and developed.  My mom was an inventor and constantly got frustrated when things she came up with in her head were produced by other people.  She was full of ideas but never got them patented to make her millions.  My dad is an entrepreneur and we grew up with the idea in our heads that we could easily develop our own businesses if we wished.  My brother calls me every week to discuss a new and genius business idea.  If only we had the capital to get these things off the ground!

All three seasons are on Hulu right now and I spent the last few weeks of Roman's short life outside the womb nursing him and basking in the glory of Mr. Wonderful's sharp words.


The five Sharks are all forces to be reckoned with.  My favorites Sharks are...well...they are all my favorites.  And they made their millions the old-fashioned way: blood, sweat and tears.  They are all self-made and filthy rich as a result!  (Okay - Robert, the guy to the far right and a fellow Canadian, is definitely my favorite!)
The idea behind the show is that entrepreneur's pitch their business ideas to the Sharks and ask for an investment.  My new dream is to go on this show and win the praise of each Shark.  I have no idea what idea will get me on the show, but my brain has been sputtering along the last few days as I try to come up with something impressive enough to earn me a spot on the show.  I don't want to be a millionaire, but I do want the praise and adoration of these five Sharks.  It is my new obsession.  And it is a great way to pass the time while I am strapped to my seat nursing the baby.

One of the most genius ideas on the show was the Onesole Shoes.  Check out what she came up with!

And seriously - if the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit is a million dollar idea, surely I can come up with something, right?!  (I wonder if this idea was a result of sleep-deprivation??  If so, I'm definitely going to come up with something good!!!)


The kids have been very supportive of each and every idea I pitch to them.  They are the perfect audience for me to bounce my ideas off.  And they want to attend college one day so they are my biggest fans...

I will continue to practice on them until I earn my spot on the show in front of the Sharks.  They are a lot nicer and much more enthusiastic.

Roman is super excited about my newest idea as it involves him directly.  We'll see if I end up going anywhere with it though :)

I just need to make sure my ideas aren't as stupid as the Surgical Bluetooth Implant...

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