The cuteness abounds

I was upstairs working on my sewing machine while the kids had unsupervised freedom throughout the house.  They are like flies though.  If I turn on the bright screened TV, they never stray too far from it.  So I put on the Velveteen Rabbit (since Leo tried so hard to jump into the book this morning!!) and kept an ear out for any emergencies.

I took a break and came downstairs to check up on the kids and refuel.  Leo, as expected, was playing on the couch within 5 feet of the TV.  Elena was nowhere to be found??????  I was instantly reminded of my Rescue 911 moment when she was a small baby.
Can you find her?

I called out her name and she responded from this general area but I couldn't see her anywhere!!!

I ran around into the kitchen to check her favorite "hiding spot"
She prefers it messy up top so I leave it.  That way you are so distracted by the mess you can't even see her...
But the hiding spot was empty!

So I ran back around and looked again

Never a dull moment around here :)

But can you blame her for finding a perfect and quiet hiding spot?

As soon as we located her, Leo was all up in her business!!!

Sorry Elena - We'll leave you alone next time.  But I'm sewing a jingle bell into each of your outfits from now on...

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