Rescue 911 moment

I was cleaning up in the kitchen and I realized it was extremely quiet in the living room where I left the kids.  I always look in on them every few minutes while I work but it had been a few minutes of extreme quiet.  I poked my head around the corner to see what the the two of them were doing.  An extremely exhausted Leo was hanging out on the couch but Elena was nowhere to be found! 

My heart stopped and my inner spaz kicked into high gear.  I threw down the dishes in my hands and ran a full circle around my house.  I couldn't find her!!!!!  My heart was in my throat.  I frantically checked the bathroom and the stairs.  I have seen every Rescue 911 episode and I am always assessing situations based on real life events from that show.  I usually anticipate and prevent Rescue 911 moments but I dropped the ball this time and all the scary possibilites were flashing in front of my eyes.  She is mobile now, but could she make it up the stairs in only a few minutes???  I calmed down my inner spaz for just long enough to slow down and glance around the living room again.  Then I spotted her.  Can you see her?

There she is...

I think I need the ambulance.  I can't get my heartbeat to slow down...

By the way, there is a petition to request that they bring back Rescue 911 to a television near you.  My signature is already on it :)


  1. Oh my! What a little devil ;) Have I told you already that my husband is from Walkersville, MD? Do you know where that is? We go to Frederick a lot when we are down visiting his family...that's where all the stores and restaurants are :)

  2. We live in Frederick! I grew up around here but am new to Frederick and LOVE it! We are so close to everything and love being 5 minutes from all the best places...but can't afford it anymore :) Such is life!

  3. That is equal parts terrifying and hilarious. Took me a good few seconds to spot her in that picture.


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