Do you Freecycle??

Have you joined Freecycle?!  It is pretty amazing.  The only problem is that you have to use a yahoo email address to contact anyone and if it isn't your primary address, you might miss out on some great deals.

Yesterday, I posted a message on Freecycle:

On 11/29/2011 11:10 AM, Lisa wrote:

My daughter scraped my knitting needles on the sidewalk and now they catch my yarn! But if you have any supplies you are getting rid of, please let me know. Thanks so much!!

And a little while later got the following message:

What size do you need?  I may have spares...


So I packed the kids up and headed over to her house just a few minutes away.  Turns out she lives on a small farm with 2 goats and about 10 chickens.  After the kids and I said hello and played with her 4 adorable dogs, she took us outside (so Leo could stop panicking about the 4 lb dogs eating him) and we chased the chickens and talked knitting for a little while.  She took the kids to the barn to show them where the chickens live and where they lay eggs.

In one of the boxes was an egg!  Leo was ecstatic.  She gave him the egg to hold onto and we walked around the farm a little more.

Just last night, we watched Turtle: The Incredible Journey on our brand-spanking new flat screen TV!  I tell you that because Leo held this little egg in his hands and kept asking if there was an animal inside.  I reassured him it was strictly for eating and that the egg pushed it out for lunch :)

In addition to being ridiculously nice to me and the kids, she didn't even care when Elena begged for her to carry her around...nor did she miss a beat when she announced Elena's diaper was leaking!

We went back to the barn and found a chicken in the laying boxes.  She was working extra hard and actually put out 2 eggs!  I don't know about you, but it made me feel a little wimpy getting so nervous about childbirth.  These chicken are pros!

She gave one to Leo and the other to Elena.  As we walked back to our car and said goodbye, she told us to enjoy our egg lunch and sent us on our way.

Longest.  Drive.  Ever....

An almost 2 year old and a 3.5 year old holding onto fresh eggs in their tiny little hands in the back seat as I California-Roll through stop signs and drive entirely too fast through neighborhoods.

Truth be told - the eggs made it home just fine...that is until I told Leo to give me his eggs so I could safely cradle them while he jumped out of the van.  Yup.  I dropped one!!!  But I saved it just long enough to get it inside and into a bowl!!!

I added a few more from our stash and Leo got to work!

Elena was placed about 2 feet away but still managed to get a few stirs in.  

October 2010

So, I met a new knitting friend, snagged lunch for the kids AND scored a lifetimes supply of knitting needles all in one visit.  Even though she said "I may have spares" - she meant, "I have every needle you could ever want or imagine a need for!!"

I have a couple big projects I'm working on now (to be revealed later) and the new needles means I can work on a couple at a time!

And the fresh eggs?  


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