When your mom won't feed you

Take matters into your own "hams"

The poor kid was starving.  We went for a long walk and when we got home I microwaved some leftover mashed potatoes.  I offered them to him multiple times.  Enticed him by taking a bite myself and loudly declaring their deliciousness.  He didn't take the bait but I continued "enticing"...until the bowl was gone. 

I walked to the kitchen to put the dish in the dishwasher (*read: close enough to the sink without tipping the already ginormous stack of dishes) and Leo followed me in asking for potatoes....really??? Now you ask??  I felt terrible.  I know I can't be the only person out there who eats their child's food.  I usually only do it if I know I can find more of the same.  But this was the last of an amazing dish of mashed potatoes.  (If you are so inclined, mosey on over to City Wife, Country Life for her list of secret ingredients.)  I just couldn't help myself.

I quickly scoured the fridge for something, ANYTHING!  We pulled out some eggs and I let Leo cook them.  This way he could rest assured that his hungry mother wouldn't devour them before he had a chance to eat :)


  1. I'm so glad you tried it with baked potatoes! I keep saying I'm going to try 'em that way, but I've yet to do it. Now that I know you've had great success, I've actually committed (on the menu plan) to do 'em next week :).

    That's pretty seriously impressive than he can make scrambled eggs! They look pretty tasty, too.

  2. My 7 year old can't even cook yet! I'm slacking! What a cutie. And yes, I am guilty of eating my kid's food too :)

  3. Watching him try to do it all was hilarious. I cracked the eggs and he opened them and dropped them in the pan - shell and all! Of course, he had a ton of assistance, but this kid loves to get in the kitchen!

    Angele - I love eating potatoes with the skin on so baking was a must-try. So delicious!


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