Gap Sale!!

Today, Gap is having a 40% off everything in the store sale.  If you have a Gap Card, it's 45% off everything - including all sale items.  I was baby-sitting for a friend, so I gave Leo and Jason my Gap Card and sent them on a mission to the mall.  Momma needs some fall clothes!

6 shirts and 1 pair of pants later, Momma is good to go :)

Not only did Jason pick out some really comfortable and cute shirts, he got this all for $44.29.  His total savings? $122.21!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's a savings of 73%! 

I wanted to get this post up so anyone else who doesn't know about the sale can make it out to the store!!  Happy hunting!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Way to go, Jason! Cute tops. I ordered a skirt from Gap when they had a 30% off sale last week and I can't wait to get it-- should arrive tomorrow. There is something so *right* about buying clothes (or anything) for less than full price.


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