The Tale of the Red Inja

The Tale of the Red Inja

Once upon a time, Princess Elena was dancing happily in her tower

When all of a sudden the Evil Tigernose climbed the tower accompanied by the all-powerful Pumpkin Duckie ready to wreak havoc.

What's that Pumpkin Duckie?  You ready to attack??


Hearing the princess shriek, the Red Inja sprang into action!!!

Fear not delicate princess.  I will waste that Tigernose and obliterate the Pumpkin Duckie!!

After a relatively short battle (the tigernose didn't stand a chance), the Red Inja emerged victorious!

He carried the skin of the Tigernose as a trophy to display proudly to the delicate Princess.

She happily continued her previous dance, but this time, it was on the skin of the Evil DEAD Tigernose!! 

She thanked the Red Inja, grabbed her Prince Woody and departed the tower forever.

And the Red Inja...

...feeling quite proud of himself decided to continue the string of success and went poop on the potty.

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