7 Quick Takes (#8)

The last week has been pretty bizarre in dreamland for this pregnant woman.  One of the first indicators I have that I am pregnant is always my dreams - they get vivid, detailed and I always remember them when I wake up.  This week has been a trip...and not in a great way.  I have had some really scary and really funny dreams.  My dreams have felt a bit Clockwork Orange - Prepare to be severely disturbed...Here are the top 7 craziest dreams I remember:

1) I had a dream my mom died...twice.  It didn't really bother me but I found it weird that I had a dream about someone dying and when I woke up it was real.  That was a bizarre wake up!

2) I dreamt that my sister-in-law and I were both pregnant and that we were tripping on a drug called basil...
I was soooooo scared to go home.  Jason was going to KILL me when he found out I was on the basil!!

3) In my dream last night, while delivering announcements at the end of Mass, my brother-in-law called someone a bad name in the middle of the announcements and he had to distract everyone with a silly story to recover.

4) I had a dream that when people died they reverted to the color of a 19 week old baby in utero - red translucent skin.  Seeing grown men looking like babies was funny ;)  I was just glad I didn't die.


5) I had a dream about my 18 year old neice and 16 year old nephew.  But she was 3 and he was still 16.  Oh she was so cute!!!!  She kept running away from me because I wanted to squeeze and snuggle her.

6) In one dream, I was a Toy Store manager and one of my staff brought me over to show me that the floors weren't getting cleaned.  We had recently fired our cleaning crew and the staff was responsible for cleaning.  It wasn't working out.  While we chatted, Leo and Elena were playing next to me.  A few minutes passed and I realized Elena had disappeared.  But this wasn't just any toy store.  Our toy store had a water park running up and down all the aisles.  The water park was there so the kids could play while the parents shopped.  Genius, right?!?!  Anyway, Elena and Leo woke me up before I could locate her.  But for those 30 seconds in my dream, I stopped breathing.

7) In that same dream, I ran into my sister-in-law and she was actually Princess Diana...

Thanks to Jen for hosting!!

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