My Recurring Pregnancy Nightmare

I am still having super bizarre and wacky pregnancy dreams.  If you have ever been pregnant, you probably remember the vivid technicolor dreams where your subconscious pulls from some weird commercial you saw that day or the pop up ad for computer accessories from last week...

Actually, if you have ever eaten a chipotle burrito with the spicy corn salsa accompanied by a shot of tequila a half-hour before bedtime, you definitely know what kind of dreams I'm talking about.

Let me tell you a little about my recurring nightmare, Pregnancy #3 Edition.

I have a dream that I am at work and I am a very important member of the company (that should have tipped me off that it was a dream).  I spend the entire day in very important meetings.  Coincidentally, all of these meetings are with my friends...I don't think we talked "shop" at all.  This made me feel silly and it reminded me that I have better places to be... at my home with my children...who are at home...alone...because I'm at work.

Begin panic session:

When is Jason going to get home from work and text me that the children are still alive and well???  It's already 6 pm and I haven't even finished this meeting yet?  Are my kids even alive???  I haven't seen them or talked to anyone who has seen them all day.  Why am I just thinking about them NOW???

Who is going to get Elena out of her crib???  Did she ever get out of her crib all day?  Wait - maybe that's safer...

What are the kids going to eat for breakfast?  

Oh I really hope Leo isn't trying to cook.  He'll definitely burn his hands on the stove...

What are the kids going to do all day?  They don't even know how to operate the TV!! 

What if someone gets hurt???

Are the neighbors going to find out that the kids are home alone and call CPS on us??

The panic only gets worse as I keep checking the clock and time is ticking away.  I start to wonder why I am even at a full-time job??  Aren't I a stay-at-home-mom?  Why didn't I arrange for someone to take care of the kids while I was at work all day.  Surprisingly, I never wondered why Jason thought it would be a good idea for me to leave the children and go to work considering he was at work as well.  

Thanks to this recurring nightmare, going to sleep at night is the most traumatic part of my day.  I always wake up before I ever get confirmation that the children are safe.  I think that if I could stay asleep until I got home to see that the kids made it through the day without me, then this dream would stop reappearing, but since I haven't had closure it continues to haunt me!!!

Jason is just excited that the recurring dream during this pregnancy doesn't paint him as the bad guy so I don't wake up angry at him every morning :)

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