Birthdays and Wicker Race Cars

In a family as large as mine, we have a lot of celebrating to do.  Almost every single month is covered with a birthday by my immediate family except for May and far!!

When you celebrate birthdays every week (it seems) we get a little less picky about how extravagant our party is.  This year, I was in charge of picking up the cake for my brother-in-law.

As I exited Costco, the older gentleman at the door enthusiastically looked at Leo and asked who the birthday cake is for?  I answered, "My 41-year-old brother-in-law!"

The gentleman gave me a funny look and did his little smiley-face doodle on the back of my receipt.  Some people have no sense of humor whatsoever!

 Turns out, it was the cake of his dreams!

 Leo got a little trigger-happy and started blowing out candles.  MUST...EAT...CAKE!!!

Speaking of big families - how lucky are my kids to have creative older cousins?!?!?!

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