7 Quick Takes (#5)

1) Today I am almost 12 weeks along.  For the first time in 12 weeks, I cleaned up!  This is monumental.  Unfortunately, now Jason knows without a doubt that I am feeling better.  No more excuses now ;)

2) Most of the pictures over the last few weeks were taken before I cleaned up.  I'm a little embarrassed to show them.  But these are too cute not to share*:

The kids found the perfect kid-sized hiding place behind the big chair:

They brought their grapes back there

And Leo fed a few to Elena.  I ran out to grab a large fern for him to fan her with but the don't grow in our climate ;)
*Disclaimer - I have been posting lots of cutsy lovey dovey photos lately.  As a habit, I do not take photos of my children fighting like cats and dogs.  But please rest assured that my children fight just like the rest of the world.  I assure you they are completely normal!  That material will just never find a home on my blog.  Although I DO have a great video of Leo smacking Elena square between the eyes with a foam sword...

3) In this next picture we see 2 things: 1) My daughter showing off her mad skills at locating her nose!!  and 2) Since I don't really 'do' belly photos, you can just take a look at this and picture my face on it.  This is pretty much what I look like right now :)

I'm somewhere in-between my regular clothes and my pregnancy clothes.  But more often than not, I end up looking like a fat man in a little jacket...or a trucker...

4) My mother-in-law and father-in-law generously bought the fiction book Fatherless by Brian J. Gail for me last month.  I ignored the fact that he spells his last name wrong and finally picked up the book after a full month of collecting dust in the corner.  I started it around 10 on Tuesday morning and finished the 542-page book on Wednesday evening after dinner!! 

It is hard to give an objective review of this book because I am so passionate about the subject.  As most of my friends know, instead of blaming the problems of the world on El Nino, I have blamed all the problems of the world on contraception.  In fact - I wrote my college thesis on it.  (By the way, this week is NFP Awareness Week!!  Perfect timing!)  The contraceptive mentality is what Brian Gail explores throughout the book.  He explores the effect of contraception on families, clergy, culture and health.  And I agree with him 100%. 

I literally couldn't put the book down and was so curious as to what would happen to each of the individual characters next.  It was well-written, educational, and thoughtful.  I strongly recommend it, and the rest of the series to all my Catholic friends (Motherless is available now and Childless will be released in the fall) .  The author has quite a resume and his expertise in business and individual life experiences help to shape the book into a believable and smart page-turner!!

Now - to all my non-Catholic friends: I would recommend this book to you, however, I'm not sure how it would be received.  But I am a curious fool and if any one of my non-Catholic friends would like to read it and give me their opinion, I would LOVE IT!!!  I love a good healthy debate and I always have fun attempting to explain my "outlandish" and "outdated" belief system :)

5) I'm a little worried about the future safety of our new baby coming in February..

6) Recently, Leo has requested every item he sees on TV.  "I want rocket shoes!"  "I want a flying broom!"  "I want a helicopter!"  "I want a lizard!"  "I want a rocket ship!"

He basically sounds exactly like me when I watch the Food Network...

We attempt to invent some of the items he requests.  Recently we fulfilled 2 of the requests.

A helicopter and a remote controlled rocket ship!!!  The rocket ship is just a dish cleaner with a soap container.  The remote control belongs to the fan and Leo combined the two.

7) Elena recently met her family namesake!  My cousin Elana and my Uncle Doug traveled from Montreal and Vancouver, Canada to visit last week!

Elena loved her!!  But Leo wasn't sure what to think :)

Oh c'mon  Leo - You can do better than that!!

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