Mother's Day

Despite the runny noses and puffy eyes, we managed to clean up 'real guud' for Mother's Day.  I love a good excuse for a family photo!

Leo and I woke up bright and uh...late and looked out the window.  Dad was gone.  Ohhhh the possibilities!!

Shortly after we woke up, we saw Dad pull in and Leo started to get super excited.  Then he yelled "What da HECK!" (Thank you Toy Story 3) and went running down the stairs saying "Hey Dad!  Whatcha got?"  Leo knew perfectly well that Dad was holding Dunkin Donuts.  Yummmmm...

(I cut my own hair last week and saved the $60!  Pretty soon I'll be bald if I don't stop touching up though!!!)

We attended mass as a family - a rarity for us when Jason works all day Sunday during the school year.  Elena actually held her hand out to everyone saying "Pshepsh".  When we say "Peace be With You" fast and half-whispered, it sounds like "Pshepsh".   

We spent the day with my mom and my family celebrating Mother's Day.  The menfolk provided steaks, salmon, salad and mashed potatoes.  My nephew Austin whipped up strawberry shortcake for the moms.  Literally.  He grabbed some Bisquick, milk, sugar and some other ingredients and concocted it out of his own head.  He's a genius!! 

My older brother (the one on the far right) whipped out an Oma Checklist that he created that sent us into roaring laughter.  We have always picked on my mom.  This list compiled all of her nuances in a tidy checklist that will forever remind us of her.  It included such sage wisdom such as Number 7) "1 Very Small Ace Bandage that is too small to wrap a finger but should be kept as a tease for when you sprain an ankle or knee." and Number 14) "Bancha Tea. If you can’t find it any small sticks and branches can be thrown in hot water. Store next to umeboshi in bread cubbard."  And the one that everyone can relate to: Number 9) 3 Previously used but almost dry kleenex, balled up not folded. A.K.A.- Kathleenex."  (Of course the kleenex were never used, but as kids we never knew that!)

Despite the illness that seemed to creep up again after naptime, it was a glorious Mother's Day.  There is no other time that my kids voluntarily snuggle with me for hours and hours in a day except for when they don't feel very well.  I don't like that they are not feeling well.  But truthfully, the extra snuggles make it kind of nice for me :)

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