Quick! Put an umeboshi plum in your belly button!!

I have suffered from terrible allergies all my life.  Spring rolls around and the sea of pollen sprouting on my car is my first warning to grab an allergy pill.  I listen to the warning with great seriousness and heed it.  The longer I wait to take the allergy pill, the puffier my eyes get and the deeper my voice gets. 

For every decibel my voice drops, Jason takes a step back.  My voice is truly disturbing...  Like a mix between a creepy horror movie and the Albino from The Princess Bride.

So, in an effort to find ways to prevent my children from suffering from the same fate, I explore all different kinds of medicine.  I'm not afraid to look to unconventional wisdom to solve a problem.  When I was growing up, my mom always threatened to put an umeboshi plum in our belly buttons during road trips so we didn't get sick. 

I don't remember actually resorting to this, but it is the running joke of our family.  Whenever someone sneezes, one of us will yell "Put an umeboshi plum in your belly button!!"

So, when I caught Elena eating a flower, I thought to myself, "Go on and get it little one!  Ingesting pollen just may ward off allergies in the future....right???"

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