Doing the happy dance!!!

In the last few months, both Jason and I picked up some extra work and pulled in a decent chunk of money.  The last time we did this, we both talked and talked about how we would spend our share.  We insisted that this money should be used for something fun and that both of us should go ahead and do what we wanted.  We both sacrified to do the extra work and we deserved it!!

Well ... Neither of us did ... we paid off a little debt.  We paid for Christmas.  It just wasn't all that exciting. 

This time though - I spent a little of my money on a night out for dinner complete with wine and dessert and a little on a new dress (from the Limited - originally $89 and I got it for $25!).  And a little on my plane ticket for the trip to Boston.

I thought I should save the rest for a vacation we have coming up. 

Jason...well...there just isn't any way to say this without bragging.  So I am.  I'm bragging that my husband rocks.  He spoils me.  And I am the luckiest girl ever.

He comes home.  He grabs my hand and pulls me out to his car.  He opens the door of his car and pulls this bad-boy out of the front seat.

I am still in a state of shock...

He even picked up a huge case to keep it safe and an extra lense!  I'm so excited I don't even know what to do with myself.  I haven't got a clue about photography.  I don't know how to work this thing and my hands are still shaking from excitement when I use it .  I might have peed my pants a little the first time I took a picture ;)

Jason loves photography too so it's kind of a gift for the both of us.  But mostly for me.  And I'm turning 30 soon - So this is a "Happy Mother's Day, Happy 30th Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day" kind of a present. 

But this thing is huge...I don't understand how mom's of littles can lug this thing around all the time.  My right hand hurts really bad from continuosly supporting 2 lbs of metal, plastic and glass working in perfect harmony with each other.  And, it bonks Elena in the head when I bend down to pick her up...Oh wait - you mean you don't wear it around your neck as an accessory 24/7?  Oh ... Okay.  That changes things a bit.

Do you want to hear about the wacky "new camera" dream I had last night?

I am with a group of friends who all have had fancy cameras for a very long time.  They know how to take photos and have held these Awesome Camera Meetings loooong before I entered the scene. We are all on one side of the room taking photos of children with our fancy cameras.  It's like I'm almost a member of the club!!

Until I realize that they are all ignoring me.  We're all taking pictures but they don't even look my way and continue to talk amongst themselves.  Eventually, invisible as a ghost and feeling a bit like the kid who gets picked last for the team, I make my way over to the opposite side of the room, all by myself, and continue to snap photos alone ...

How lame is that dream??????

And I do know exactly what I'm doing dangit!!  Check out my mad skills!

Okay so maybe my dream was based in a tiny little bit of reality!!!

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