I LOVE a good tot swap!!!

We are a very fortunate family.  Thanks to a few generous friends and family members, I have been able to clothe both of my children for free.  I bought a few items here and there at Target and yard sales, but for the most part, both Leo and Elena are taken care of through the age of 6!!  And toys??  Don't even get me started.  We are swimming in a sea of awesome toys!!

My girlfriend came to visit today and brought with her clothes for Leo for age 4-6.  It's unreal the amount of money that is in those bags!!

And yes - I am aware that most days my son never makes it to fully-dressed.  But if we needed them - the pants are there!!!

I just pulled out Elena's 12-18 month clothes and noticed that she has a ton of skirts and jeans but not a lot of comfy pants.  So I got up bright and early yesterday morning to head over to the Mothers of Multiples Sale!  There are 400 mothers in this group and they sell all their baby stuff twice a year.  They actually sort through everything and design the school gymnasium into a fully-organized department store! 

I sped over to the 18 month clothing and grabbed a few pants.  I stopped by the size 9 boys shoe bin and pulled out a few.  I grabbed a few tights for Elena and Leo found a construction set he just had to have.  I was also in the market for a small high chair seat to put at my moms but missed it by a nano-second.  The lady in front of me in line had the exact one I was looking for!! 

Here is what we scored for under $25.00!
$8.50 - 4 pairs of pants (Elena)
$3.00 - 2 sets of tights (Elena)
$4.00 - Construction Toy Set (Leo)
$6.00 - 2 pairs of sneakers (Leo)
$3.00 - 1 pair of sandals (Leo)
TOTAL: $24.50!

The other pair of shoes have been on Leo's feet at every moment during the day since we bought them.

They light up.
And you are going to need a straightjacket and a crowbar to pry them off his feet.  He is in love.

A tot swap sale is not for the faint of heart.  If you have a need, you are going to have to make a plan to get there early and be the first in line.  We were there a half-hour after it opened and the line to check out was already a half-hour long.  I can't even imagine all the big-ticket items that were in that room before we arrived!  And even though the line was a half hour, I spent almost no time standing still.  I felt like I was in the fast-pass lane at Disney!!  We were slowly weaving like a large snake through the halls of the middle school while about 30-40 Moms of Multiples ran the check-outs in teams. 

It's a good thing my little brother and his wife had twins - they get to run through all of Leo and Elena's clothes with their babies!!  Actually - I only package it up and send it over there to get it out of my house.  It takes up so much room!!!

(Audrey on the left with Jason last night and Elena on the right last year!!)

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