Elena's First Year in Video

I take ton of photos.  I think you all knew that.  On Elena's first birthday alone, I took over 350!  (Half are blurry though...)  Just for fun, I went back through all the photos from the last year and put together a fun video of Elena's first year.  I tried to do it in her birthday blogpost but only got through the first couple weeks of her life!  This was quite the project and I can't believe I managed to put this together, make Mensa Granola and scrounge together enough leftovers for dinner.  I can't start a project like this and not see it through to the end product.  I CAN however leave the laundry in random piles throughout the house and dishes piled high to the sky.  I really need to adjust my priorities.

If you feel like you want to encourage me learn how to prioritize, I suppose you should boycott the video on principle.  But I don't recommend it.  It's pretty darn cute. 

This is the short version. 5 minutes of fun. For family and those of you who have 8 minutes to spare, the long version is below. They are exactly the same - the first one just looks like it is on fast-forward!  And turn up the volume!

Elena's First Birthday from Lisa Gale on Vimeo.

Elena's First Birthday Video - Long version from Lisa Gale on Vimeo.

(Sidenote: You can watch the video in completel peace - The children got me back for neglecting my chores...we were up and at 'em at 4:30 am.  OY!!)

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