Happy Birthday sweet little Elena!

My sweet little baby girl is 1!!!

When the doctor did the ultrasound at 20 weeks and said "It's a girl!" I was ecstatic.  I secretly wanted a girl but as a mom I felt terrible being partial :)

I was 100 percent ready to split my laundry into whites, darks, mediums, and PINKS!

Leo was head over heels in love with his new sister.  In retrospect, I should not have spent so much time worrying.  But then again, I had brothers and I remember vividly how nice they were to me...

She was a champion at nursing from the start.  Hence the growth :)

In preparing her First Birthday Blogpost, I told myself I would go through a year of photos and compile a cute little blog showcasing her growth over the last year.  But who are we kidding!!!

I'm only into the first couple weeks and this post is already overflowing with cute photos!  So this blog turned into a celebration of her first few weeks at home.

Looking as adorable as babies were meant to look.

She has been the perfect baby so far. She says a few things like Mama, Dada, Leo, I love you and I DID IT! She also sings some songs with us by putting her jaw to her chin and moving her head up and down while saying "Bah bah bah". She looks like a puppet and it's adorable.  She blows kisses and loves her brother.  Every single thing about her is adorable.

She is a busy baby and spends most of her time exploring the space. She is different from Leo in that she sits quietly and is a pro-snuggler. We couldn't duct tape Leo in a snuggle position!! She happily puts her head down on our shoulder and just smiles. She also loves to crawl up into our lap and sit and have a conversation. She is quite the communicator. She has a set of lungs on her that can rival a dog whistle and lets us have it from time to time.  We usually deserve it though ;) 

And I love every last little bit of her.

Happy First Birthday Elena Renee!!!  We love you!!

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