Birthday Celebrations are already starting!!

We LOVE getting packages in the mail.  I was forewarned by Aunt Julie that something good was coming.

Even though it is technically Elena's birthday fast approaching, the older brother merits a gift.  His Aunt and Uncle are fast-tracking him to a real job with gifts for all of his recent his success in potty-training.  So, he receives:

Spongebob Underwear

And a Shaving Kit!!

All business.  All the time. 

Elena got a bunch of goodies. 

Including the most beautiful card we've ever seen.  Thank you Cousin Iris!!!

I don't know if Toy Story is the cause of all the awesome toys coming back. 
But how exciting is this?!?! 

Leo helped her call Aunt Julie, Uncle Nathan and Cousin Iris to say thank you.  She stayed on the phone way too long like any girl.

So he distracted her with the box so he could play with it along. 

So spoiled!! 

And Leo's first job interview is tomorrow so he's going to go get ready now.

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