We've been hit...

While doing my daily facebook-stalking, I have noticed that a lot of the recent posts have all been about sickness steamrolling in and wiping out the entire household.  We don't have any school-age children and we don't get out much so these sicknesses usually pass us by. 

Not this time though!!

For the last 3.5 years, everytime I get sick, I was unable to take any kind of medication.  I have either been pregnant or nursing!  (I am still nursing Elena but she'll be 1 in a month!!)   Before I had kids, I could get sick, call into work and curl up under a blanket all day watching bad Lifetime movies.  Now?  Even if I can't see out of my puffy eyes, I have to somehow muster up 3 squares a day, read books, change diapers, and operate a remote to find kids shows all day.  All of that was easily accomplished with the sweet relief of some Advil Cold & Sinus!!  I forgot how nice it is to be able to medicate as needed!

I can't say the same for the kids.  They just have to tough it out with an occassional Tylenol tablet.
Life is so rough for them!

(He's not watching Lifetime...but I did find a Twilight series live stream online...)

The worst part about this sickness is that I made an amazing Beef Stew with Mushrooms last night.  I had been collecting the ingredients for this for a week and I was sooo excited to make it.  I served it over mashed potatoes and added spinach leaves to it.

(Photo from Pioneer Woman)

I couldn't...taste...a thing...



  1. Knock on wood....we haven't been hit with the sickies yet....but, just like you my Facebook has been loaded full of others talking about all the illness going around. I'm sure our turn is coming, but for now I'm enjoying being HEALTHY! :)

  2. Poor Elena looks miserable! Leo just looks like he's having a good time on the couch ;)

    Sadly I'm getting sick again too. Being pregnant does not help in that department! I normally hardly ever get sick!

  3. Ugh! We have been house of sick FOREVER! I'm over it.

  4. Oh geez, you poor things!

    Here's a tip to help with colds that I didn't learn until after my third baby...give them Children's Benedryl when they have a runny nose or cough. It dries everything out and helps them sleep. We only use that and tylenol now...no more cold medications.


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