A little thing we like to call: Sweet Justice

Leo is a big boy now. 

Obviously, if you can put on your own underwear...


...and again... 

...and again... 
You must be a big boy.  (He quit at 4 pair.  That's all he could find.)

Now that he has mastered the art, he decides to show off his skills and assist his sister. 

The goal: Put on Elena's denim skirt.

And after 2.5 years of wrangling a feisty boy into and out of his clothes,
he finally gets a taste of his own medicine. 

And THAT! is what we call Sweet Justice.

Not as easy as Momma makes it look, Huh buddy?


  1. Wow, he is so great! Maggie still puts hers on "outside out" as she says ;)


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