DANGER: Construction Zone

Every now and then, I hit writer's block.  Or rather, in my case, photographer's block.  We have been digging ourselves out of the holidays for the last few days and diet/nutrition/coupons/decluttering/cleaning have been on my brain.  I'm back on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ again.  All I have to do is track what I ate and it lets me know how many more calories I have for the day!  Love that site. 

Jason received Home Depot cards and tools for Christmas and I couldn't be happier!!  That's right.  He uses his tools to create wonderful things for me in the house.  He's awesome.

Project 1: Redo our bathroom upstairs to make it less boring.

This is what our bathroom looked like when I woke up:


Then, shortly after dinner, my bathroom looked like this!!

Bathroom total: $135.00 (The curtain was on sale from $35.00 to $9.99!)

Jason has a trait that is extremely rare.  If I could bottle it and sell it, I'd be a billionaire.  He is completely incapable of stopping something he has started.  He primed and painted 2 coats, installed fixtures and a couple other things all in one day.  I helped paint while the kids napped, but as soon as I heard Elena wake up I was soooo relieved!!  I don't know how he does it!

Project #2:  Project Headboard

I have also mentioned a few times that it would be nice to have a headboard in our room.  When Elena sleeps, she likes to crawl until her head hits a corner and in her crib she has lots of soft corners.  In our bed, she just ends up hitting the wall.  The head of our bed is constantly eating pacifiers and pillows.  So, after a quick trip to Joanne's Fabrics, Jason got started!

Our bed looked like this before:

And after he installed his homemade headboard!

I love it!!!

I can't wait to see what he creates for me next!!!


  1. I love the headboard! I've often thought about how much cheaper it'd be to make a headboard than buy one, since we don't have one either.

    Can you post how you made it?

  2. As Allison said, I love the headboard! I, too, am interested to know how it was made-- we've been wanting to do something like this for several years!

    And about that writer's/photographer's block, I hear you there!


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