Homemade Headboard Instructions

I was so busy enjoying my downtime while Jason and Leo worked together on our new headboard that I completely forgot to take pictures of the progress!!  I remembered toward the end and snapped a few.  I uploaded my pictures and Jason describes how he made the headboard so all those interested can give it a whirl:

Staple Gun
Plywood - I used OSB cause it was super cheap.  It was 1/2" so I doubled up for a 1" headboard for $6!  (A piece of 3/4" plywood is about $30-$40.)
Padding - 24"x81" - $21
Fabric - 3 yards for $15
2x4's - 3 of them for $8

For a king size bed, the board was 20"x77".  Just measure the width of your bed and make the other dimension 20".  I bought padding at Walmart for $15.  It was a little short so I had to also buy a smaller pack for $6.  The width of the padding was 24", which is the perfect width to wrap around all edges.  YOU MUST WRAP AROUND ALL EDGES!  Staple the padding down first, placing a staple every couple of inches.  Be careful only to staple on the backside of the headboard.

Next you wrap the fabric over the padding and pull tight.  Put a staple every few inches all around the headboard.  Staple one edge and one side and then pull tightly to staple the other edge and side.

Here is the simple frame I made out of 2x4s.  The top board of the frame only reaches to the middle of the of the headboard.  The bottom board goes along the bottom of the headboard.  I then screwed the frame to the back of the headboard. 

I measured the frame so that 2 inches of the headboard would be hidden by the mattress.  Next, simply bolt the headboard to the frame.

And the babies rejoiced!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or email us and I'll help you out!


  1. I love it!!! I want to sell my bed frame and make one. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Very DIY-ish! So cool, too. This is quite doable, huh? And, tons cheaper than buying a bed. Definitely keep this little trick in mind. Good tip!


  3. thank you! i am looking into doing my daughter's room for Christmas and want to do a personalized headboard, this was very helpful!!!

  4. I know that this blog post is old, but I am just looking into making a headboard - and I have a question. When you made the headboard frame, did you just use brackets to hold the wood together? Did you put some batting on the back of the frame so your wall wouldn't get scratched? How is the headboard holding up - when you lay against it, does the material stretch down and start to rip?


    1. This headboard is four years old and still in PERFECT condition!! It has lasted us through 2 cross-country moves and still works like a charm. We used wood glue and screws to put it all together, no brackets. And we wrapped the foam around the back of the headboard and used a nail gun to secure it in the back with the fabric on top so the part that rubs against the wall is padded and none of our walls have been scratched (we are in our 3rd bedroom since we made this). The material is still in perfect condition as well. It wasn't stretchy material so it is tight against the board. Good luck!!


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