The elves are hard at work!

The elves have been hard at work at the Gale house!  (Not the cleaning elf.  She seems to be M.I.A.)

We started off the morning by cracking open the old Sugar Cookie recipe.

Apparently Leo is a member of the Elf Union.  After mixing the flour and baking powder, it was already time for a lunch break.  This may take a few days...

Okay, after filling up sufficiently in mean chicken nuggets, we're ready to go.

"Queezing" the food coloring was Leo's favorite part :)

Scratch that - eating the dough was Leo's favorite part!

What sugar-high?? 

Apparently, elves eat the outer edges of each cookie cut out of the dough...apparently. 

The batch was supposed to make 60 cookies.  I think we made it out with 42. 

My little elves may do more hindering than helping...
...but they sure are cute!!!

1 comment:

  1. Cutest little elves ever. I'm a big fan of the snowman apron!


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