"The Biggest Smile"

In general, babies go through similar stages at similar times.  Siblings probably have more of these similar stages because their parents teach them the same things.  We are going through one of my most favorite times (and probably the reason I will have 1,000 more babies).  It's "The Biggest Smile" phase. 
Leo and Elena are already pretty similar.  They look a lot alike and act alike.  I had to dig through a lot of old photos to find the proof.  The first of these three photos strongly resembles a member of our family...actually maybe two members.

Around the time Leo was 10 to 12 months old, he started making this face:

He learned it from his Daddy!
(I made Jason a scrapbook of our 1st year of dating!  This is before computers were invented.)

 A few ingredients to this speciality:  A super squinty look

A scrunched up nose: 

And a really big smile!

It didn't take Elena long to master this look!! 

Super squinty face?  CHECK!
Scrunched up nose?  CHECK!

Really big smile?  CHECK!!

And to put it all together? 

Well - I just don't think it gets any better than this:

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  1. Oh man, I want to give Elena's chubby cheeks some big smoochy kisses!!!


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