What??? How do you do it?

I am starting a diet.  Whenever I decide to seriously monitor what I eat, I need to psyche myself up for a few days.  I sometimes diet to lose weight.  Sometimes I diet to monitor what I eat to make sure that I'm not going overboard with my calorie intake each day.  When I closely monitor what I eat, I am also more likely to exercise regularly and I really want to get back into working out now that we are hibernating for the winter!

Nursing a baby gives you lots of extra calories and I need to adjust my daily eating habits as Elena starts to wean.  She's still nursing a lot but not as much as a few months ago.  But I'm still eating the same!  Ergo, I'm gaining weight.

So I have been mentally prepping myself to jump into healthier eating.  Usually it takes a day or two to really get myself ready to commit and ready to limit what I indulge in.  Believe me, I know how to indulge and I'm NOT ready to slow this gravy train down!!

And this is how I prep myself.

Don't judge.  They're made with applesauce instead of oil.  That cancels out the extra chocolate chips I added.

If you need tips, motivation or healthy ideas for dieting, please - go talk to Sophia Franklin...not me.  :)


  1. Wow girl - you are brave. Starting a diet before the holidays.. oh my..
    Though I love your 'prep' material. LOL.

  2. Mmm that looks delicious! Sometimes we need others to motivate us. :) I look forward to following your progress!


  3. A nutritionist that I know uses applesauce in baking and it comes out delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm a new follower from MomsReview4You blog hop. I hope you will have the time to follow back at www.youngwifeandmom.com. Take care! =)

    ~ Tiffany

  4. Applesauce instead of oil is a good start! Good luck. I'm always ready to start my diet tomorrow or after the holidays LOL.

  5. I always use applesauce in boxed cake mixes, but if I'm making a home-made cake then I just go for the gold and indulge in all the naughtiness. LOL But, I most certainly get where you're coming from on watching caloric intake. It's wise to stay on top of your weight or else it'll mushroom out of control. Way to go! Incidentally, I'm following you from Mom Review 4 You. I hope you'll hop over to my blog. Check out my bookstore where I have my newly published children's story listed. =D Merry Christmas!

  6. Haha. You are brave to embark on a dieting adventure during the most tempting part of the year for over-board eating. But, you can do it! You are right, you kinda have to adjust around baby or the scale will pay the price :)

  7. OK, when I lost about 20 pounds last year, I did it through Weight Watchers. They had a buy one month, get a second free...and then I cancelled. My new health insurance actually will pay for up to $150 Weight Watchers Fees, so I am excited about using that...later ;)

    Basically, on WW I just discovered new foods to eat that I liked and were healthier than what I was eating. And I controlled my portions (especially at dinner, that was the hardest) And I gave up the booze, which I'm not sure is the direction you want to go ;)

    Good luck!

    (But I did see you IRL and you look just smashing dahling!)

  8. Yeah - I just have to reconcile with the fact that there is no way I'm going to LOSE weight during this season. My goal is to not go way outta control like I have the tendency to do! If there is a soul out there who can lose weight during the holidays, then they're not having nearly enough fun, right?!?! haha!

    Colleen - I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and after both babies! It works so well. Unfortunately, I lack the motivation to get started. Maybe you just gave it to me. I'll have to scrounge to find my WW journal now!

  9. yummy brownies. wait until jan 1 to diet. you will be more motivated.


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