Recessive genes

I've got 'em.

Sometimes people are really nice to me and say, "Oh - I see a bit of you in Elena!"  I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid.  From the very beginning, she has always been a complete mini-me of Jason.  I think it's awesome - He would have made a pretty girl.  And now we have the proof!

(Elena - 11/2010)

(Jason - 1983)


  1. What we need to compare is a picture of Jason at that age! My kids tended to get the recessive genes of both my husband and me, which means they look like neither of us. My older son (child #3) went through a phase when he was certain that someone mixed him up at the hospital with our real child!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is too cute. I love when people scan in old pictures. My favorite things about your husband's picture are #1 that Luvs box in the background, and #2 is that a Jonny Jumper hanging on the door? How funny!

    One of my daughter's is a mini-me and the other looks exactly like my husband. I love it!

  3. Yeah, just a bit of a resemblance there! Elizabeth has Wyatt's eyes and ears in particular, and I love seeing his features in her.


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