I'm so tired that...

...I absolutely canNOT pinpoint the date of my last shower.

...I woke up with red, yellow and blue eyes.

...Microwaving lasagna for breakfast sounds easier than preparing the 2 ingredients in cereal.

...Swallowing each sip of coffee is exHAUSting.

And all of this was after Jason let me sleep in until 9 am.

It's my own fault entirely.  Jason went on a youth retreat Friday through Sunday so I spent Saturday and Sunday with my family.  Leo is always easier when he is with our cousins, but Elena is a little harder when she doesn't nap properly.  Not to mention, my mother's house is a museum and consists of only glass tops, sharp corners and pointy objects.  My mother's house always eats my camera too.  I leave it there every weekend...  (This means my only pictures are taken with my cell phone and really blurry - sorry.)

On Sunday, Jason called to say he would be home by 9:00 pm...and he might be bringing a few teens with him.  Oh man.  I hadn't been home to clean in 2 days and it's always harder to ask my husband to help me clean without sounding like a nag...  So Sunday night I got home, put the kids to bed and set out to scrub the bathroom downstairs.  And scrub I did!  There was something in the sink - kind of like residue but it was stained brown??  After scrubbing with Clorox spray, vinegar and even my fingernails, I gave up.  I think it's wood stain from Jason's last project.  Jason got home with 3 young men.  You would be hard-pressed to find nicer people than these guys.  We stayed up entirely too late chatting with them but they live a very interesting life as missionaries!!

On Monday, I ran out to do my couponing at Giant Eagle.  I got home and hung out with my friend Kim came over with her little ones.  Okay are you ready for this?  She had a set of twin girls.  Then 10 months later, conceived another set of twins, a boy and girl. WHAT?!  They are precious.  I had such a good time catching up with her and watching her 4 little ones in action.  These 4 kids are so well-behaved I couldn't believe it. 

After my action-packed playdate, I set out to make dinner for Jason and the 3 guys he brought home from the youth retreat.  I wanted to really spoil these kids.  They deserve it!  They spend 9 months a year traveling around the US, conducting retreats and sleeping in strangers houses.  They are so joyful and such gracious guests that I really wanted to pull out all the stops.  So I threw the kids in their cribs and made dinner.

World's Best Lasagna

French Bread - I thought I was being all slick setting my bread to rise in the oven.  I warmed the oven a little and then put the bread in there.  It doubled.  Then I shaped the loaves and put the bread in there to rise again...it was too warm and the darn loaves cooked!!  So, I quickly threw a Pillsbury Italian Loaf in the oven to serve along-side my super dense bread.  My guests happily devoured both ;)

This is the Pillsbury loaf (the tall one in the back) next to my French Bread (I made 2 loaves and this is what was left-over).   Josh called it ciabatta bread :)
A few weeks ago, I received a coupon for a free loaf of white bread from Target.  I picked up the bread and threw it in the freezer.  I don't serve Leo white bread.  He only eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I always give him whole wheat.  What to do with this loaf of bread then? 

Bread Pudding - Oh my goodness.  Add the Vanilla Sauce and we were all in a food coma by bedtime.

I overdid it...I'm a perfectionist and can't do anything the easy way.  So, this morning I woke up in a haze.  Enter stage left - UPS!

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