7 Quick Takes (#1)

Okay so I'm a day late and a dollar short...but I'm too sleepy to care :)

1) Jason is working all weekend.  Usually that wouldn't bother me.  But with both children a teensy bit under the weather, I'm floating souls out of purgatory every second (and searching for the duct tape...for myself of course...uh....)

2)  Note to self: Next time you offer to contribute to a big party, volunteer to make the broccoli...broccoli doesn't demand 1,000 taste-tests to make sure the recipe turned out okay. 

3) At least my kitchen is clean???

4) What goes around comes around: I received a One Lovely Blog Award from Angela at Blogmommas.com!  Thank you Angela!!  It is a small world.  I received this award last week and passed it onto Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life.  Tracy passed it onto Angela who passed it back to me.  I don't care what kind of day I've had - it is always so nice to be recognized by fellow bloggers.  Thanks again!

5) I handled the desserts for my sister-in-law's baby shower.  She is pregnant with twins and Margie at Artistic Cake Creations made an awesomely beautiful and BEYOND delicious cake for us!!  Her cakes are amazing - none of the fondant here - it's all buttercream!!!  I could have died on the 30 minute drive to the shower.  A 30 minute white-knuckled drive is no cake-walk...heh...heh...sorry... Anyway! I took pictures of the cake to make sure that everyone knew what it looked like before I got there.  Luckily, it survived the trip!!  

 6) I gained about 3-4 pounds this week.  Man cannot live on butter and sugar alone......or CAN he????

7) I feel a little ill from all the sweets.  I'm really into "natural" healing methods.  Settling a sore tummy after too many desserts is as easy as mixing a few soothing ingredients together.

A little of this

And a little of that 

Ahhhhhhhhh.....Good night all


  1. the cake looks absolutely delicious... hope you have a restful night!!

  2. Phew.. I'm having a sugar attack just reading this blog post. LOL. That cake is adorable!!
    Hope your tummy is feeling better soon..

  3. I've been testing the "...live on sugar alone" theory lately. I've been dreaming of your cupcakes, they were out of this world! I must have your recipe! ~ Fran

  4. Oh yeah, we do the gingerale and whiskey around here :)

    Your poor baby has such sick little eyes :( I hope they are feeling better!!


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