Oh now THIS is getting fun!!

Jumping off the success of my most recent trip to Rite Aid, I have been counting down the days until my next weekly trip!!

And let me tell you - it didn't disappoint!!

I spent a total of $15.41 out of pocket.
I saved a total of $39.34
     $5.00 off $25.00 purchase
     $5.00 in Up Rewards
     $21.34 in Savings
     $8.00 in Coupons

After I submit my rebates, I will get back $6.99 from Rite Aid and $2.00 from the Manufacturer for the Stopain (whatever that is...) and $2.00 for the Tone Body Wash.

This means I spent a total of $4.42...WHAT?!  And that was primarily for the toilet paper!! 

Toilet paper and paper towels are really hard to find on a deal.  By using my $5.00 off $25.00 and the $5.00 in Up Rewards, I barely had to pay for them!! 

One of my main goals in couponing (and one I am constantly asking my husband to make sure I stick to) is to not be a slave to the "deal" and end up buying a bunch of stuff we don't need or won't use.  I know I broke the rule when I bought the Stopain, but when you get paid $2.00 to try something, it's a little hard to avoid!!  Maybe one day, I'll open my own store and sell this stupid Loreal Root Rescue too...

I was also able to control myself for our weekly grocery shopping trip at Giant Eagle.  I spent $16.12 and I saved $10.72 which comes out to $1.34 per item.  Not too shabby. 

(I excluded the Lays Potato Chips that were a $3.00 special request from Jason.  Funny thing is, he requested them and I ate almost all of them...doesn't he know better than to put potato chips in my house?!?!)

I am also happy to report that I have moved from an extremely rudimentary (and chaotic!) couponing system

To this fantastic little coupon organizer!!  Thanks Mom!!!

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