Well...okay Rite Aid...if you insist!

I made a trip to Rite Aid to pick up a mouth guard.  Apparently, at the rate I'm going, I'm going to have little nubs for teeth if I keep grinding at night.  I found out that Rite Aid has a mouth guard on sale for $19.99 (originally $29.99).  This particular mouth guard also offers a $10.00 rebate through Rite Aid.  So, I picked up the mouth guard, some contact solution for $7.99 (with a $7.99 rebate!), Palmolive dish soap for $0.74...and...well...this last one is a little embarrassing...I love a good deal.  Apparently Loreal Root Rescue was free this week.  So I picked it up - if you are interested, email me.  I don't know what to do with it!

Anyway, out of pocket, this transaction totaled $21.88.  (Technically I consider it a $500 savings - that is what the dentist was going to charge for the custom mouth guard!  I'll take a little snoring over $500 any day!  We'll see how Jason does though...). 

I saved a total of $15.25

Now comes the fun part.  I submitted my receipt online for my rebates.  I calculated the total rebates at $17.99.  This means the total transaction cost me $3.89.  I can live with that.  Then I noticed something funny - an extra line:
$10 Gift Card?!  Do my eyes deceive me?!  SCORE!!!

So, after all was said and done, Rite Aid paid me YET AGAIN to shop at their store.  This time I made $6.11.  You may call me - Coupon Master!!

I also picked up this delicious shampoo and conditioner for free!!!

How did I not know this entire world of couponing existed until now!!!


  1. I am continually impressed by how couponing is working out for you. We tried to coupon when we were married and found it more stressful than anything. Maybe I'll give it another try at some point. You inspire me. :)

  2. Impressive - I don't seem to do so well in coupons...just extra work. Going to follow ~ maybe I'll get better at it:)
    Over from Wednesday Window

  3. Hi, I'm a new Wednesday Window follower.

    Have a great day!

  4. Now that's just awesome! Congrats on some great shopping! I sure wish we had a Rite Aid around here, I keep hearing about their great rebate program.

    Thank you for participating in the The Wednesday Window . I hope you will join me again next Wednesday.
    If you have any giveaways, I invite you to link up tonight at The Fantastic Friday Giveaway Linky , which opens up on 10 p.m. EST Thursday night.

  5. Wow! This is so impressive! It is making me consider driving the 40 miles to the nearest Rite Aid!


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