Hunting and Gathering!!

Okay, so it's not exactly like I'm out there in a bear fur coat with a spear, but I have been working sooo hard to hunt and gather for super cheap!  I can't contribute "financially" to the family, but I did find a couple ways to make money.
I began couponing a few weeks ago and it has taken a while to figure it out so I'm actually saving money instead of buying a bunch of things we don't need just because they are on sale (I'm looking at YOU Poly-grip!). I have learned some great tips and tricks along the way from my two favorite coupon clipper/deal seekers: Sarah at A Thrifty Mom and Mandi at Adventures of a Common Housewife

Let me break this down for you:

After I used my $3.50 in "Up Rewards," I got all of the above for an out-of-pocket total of $4.01 (Total coupon savings of $23.60).

I submitted the receipt for a $5.99 mail-in-rebate for the Schick Razor:

I also got $5.00 in Rite Aid "Up Rewards" to put towards my next purchase.

I will also receive a rebate check for $2.69 for the cost of the toothpaste from Rite Aid.  After I get my rebate check, I will have made $4.67 and I still have the $5.00 to put to my next purchase.  TA-DAAA!!!

Not only that, but now my husband can use all the Box Top rewards from the jelly to bribe the 8th graders at school to be his minions.  (I would also like to say a special thank you to my coupon fairies - Mom & Julie!!)

Ahhh....The thrill of the hunt!!


  1. So many of my fellow bloggers are coupon users, and I really want to do the same once Steve and I are married to help save money. It seems like a lot to learn though, with all the rewards and rebates!

  2. The simplest way to start couponing is to go to and just print coupons for food that you purchase regularly. Once you get comfortable doing it, you can start adding crazy deals without feeling overwhelmed. I don't use couponmom for Rite Aid, but I do for all groceries!!


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