Bragfest 2010

I am in what some people call a "thankless job."  I personally do NOT feel like this is a thankless job.  My husband thanks me hourly and I am certain I have the best job ever.  I couldn't be more happy about my current lot in life.

However, when I used to work out of the house, I could brag to anyone I wanted to in the office while distributing paperwork, walking the halls, getting coffee, etc.  Now, I don't really wander halls to get coffee, I play referee to keep Leo from squishing Elena and to keep Elena from inadvertently scratching Leo.  Leo understands English, so I could potentially brag to him, but I don't get the reaction I'm looking for.  So, there is no one here aside from Jason to brag to.  He can only hear the story 200 times before getting really bored.

This brings me to my blog.  Please skip this blog if you find bragging to be self-serving and obnoxious.  I'ma gonnu do it anyway!
Yesterday, I finally got out for my 2nd day of real couponing.  This time around, we didn't need much by way of household stuff, rather groceries.  Elena and I went through the aisles at a snails pace to make sure we didn't miss anything.  I first went for my 8 oz tube of $0.50 toothpaste - SOLD OUT!!  That's okay though, Giant Eagle issued me my raincheck for the next shopping trip.  Despite this hiccup, I made out like a bandit.

Here is the majority (but not all) of what I purchased.  You can't see the 2 packages of deli meat and other loaf of bread.  I also bought about 7 other items that were already put away.  The best purchase was the Pampers Cruisers - on sale for $9.99.  I had $6.50 in coupons applied so I paid $3.49 for the package!

Total cost was $70.46
Total savings $28.63
I paid a total of $41.83

This means each item cost $1.67 and I am pretty darn excited about that.  Is it ridiculous that I cannot WAIT for the Frederick Gazette to get here so I can see what coupons are out this week?!?! 

The other exciting deal I found is for Huggies.  We primarily cloth diaper, but we do disposables on day trips, vacations and overnight.  So, I locked into a deal through Amazon to purchase I case of diapers every 3 months for each kid.

Elena's arrived yesterday.  This bad-boy cost a whopping $12.44.  In 3 months, another box will arrive and I'll pay another $12.44!

Leo's box was a little pricier but still only cost $18.75.  If I find a better deal, I'll cancel his shipment scheduled 3 months from now.

That's all for Bragfest 2010.  I'm going to go reorganize all my awesome groceries for the 20th time.  (It's the little things.)


  1. I love a good deal as much as the next person. I will be sure to pass on any good ones I see. :) I can also mail you diaper coupons if you like. We won't need them before they expire. :)

  2. I don't "coupon" because I am too lazy unless someone hands me a coupon, directions to the store, and gasses up my car first.
    But I do enjoy the thrill of seeing the "total savings" down at the bottom. I swear I don't enjoy buying anything anymore unless I've gotten a deal on it!


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