The best kind of Saturday morning

Coffee, Skype, family. 

We may have relatives thousands of miles away in the country of Texas, but with a little coffee and a good broadband connection, we can still have a relaxing Saturday morning together!!!  Saturday morning, we were greeted by the ringing of our computer and an early morning visit with Jason's brother, his lovely wife and their gorgeous daughter Iris.  Leo loves seeing his relatives on the screen.

While Iris put on a costume show ranging from a Disney princess to the wicked witch (complete with an AWESOME pair of high heels!!), Leo showed off Elmo's dancing skills.  (Sidenote: He is now at the age where Elmo is a human being.  He first asked Elmo if he wanted to do a "big jump" before he jumped Elmo through the air.) 

Leo also was able to show off his sweet new pair of homemade binoculars.  (He doesn't realize yet that they're not really that cool.  And while he doesn't notice, we are going to keep our hard-earned money in the bank and continue to tape pieces of cardboard together!!)

We miss you guys and wish you all were here with us!!

A really quick note about Leo's major milestone.  Being able to catch your kid stuck in imaginationland is SOOO fun!!  Over the last week, I have noticed major changes in his independent play.  Rather than needing me to play with him, he is able to run around the house as busy as ever.  Today though, I heard very quiet whispers behind my head and I turned around to look on the couch and caught this:

I also caught him reading a book and assigning "personhood" to everyone (there was a Dada, momma, Leo and "eL":

I know he's not curing cancer or anything, but seeing your kid doing anything for the first time is so fun!!  (Unless it's throwing rocks, running into the street, drawing on their sibling's face with permanent markers, grabbing snowglobes from the bottom shelf at Target, etc. get the idea.)


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