Pizza Pasta

2 days ago, I was able to make our first dish with our grass-fed beef.  I mentioned to my mom the beef that we purchased and she told me a story about Charlie the cow.  Charlie was the cow they had grazing on their property in Canada.  When Charlie was young, he ate nothing but grass.  When Charlie was a big cow, they butchered him.  They ate some meat from him and it was so terrible, I'm not even sure if they ate it again or gave it away.  My mom said it tasted like grass/dirt and was practically inedible.  Now, for those of you who don't know my mom, she NEVER throws away food...ever.  So, this must've been pretty bad. 

(Funny aside: She is really bothered by the picture of all the meat in our freezer because the freezer door is open and she is waiting for someone to close it.  Now I am bothered by the picture...)

Needless to say I was a little nervous about how this beef would turn out.  I've never been a beef-eater.  I grew up on chicken and ground turkey.  I have personally cooked with beef maybe 3-4 times in my life.  Anyway, I got started on another recipe from Allrecipes.

I seriously can't explain how delicious this dish is.  I love pizza/pasta/cheese, etc.  But this is perfection.  Maybe my body was just starving for some beef, but the beef from our local farm is friggin fanTAStic!!!  We threw in a couple of fresh tomato chunks and despite my gut telling me not to, we threw in some chopped pepperonni.  Thank goodness we did!  My best compliment on the dish was when Leo ate his entire bowl (of course that was after we forced the first bite in) 2 nights in a row.  Jason and I get a little sad when our bowl is empty each night.  Tonight is leftover night #3 and I have a feeling I'm making this again next week :)


  1. Looks yummy! We're not big beef eaters either. Maybe once a month, tops. So strange their beef tasted so bad. I wonder what happened?

  2. That sounds delicious! I envy you your freezer full of beef. Wyatt and I just found out recently that someone in our church raises and sells pastured beef and chicken, so we're going to start heading in that direction. Once we're out of an apartment (please, God!), we'd love to get a second freezer and get part of a cow as you have. I'm glad that you're liking the beef!

  3. Kim - My mom said that if the cow eats corn for the last week or two, the meat gets sweeter? She said they never fed him corn so his meat just tasted grassy.

    Sarah - We are soo lucky! We live only 20 miles north of DC but still have access to all these great farms!! If you can find someone to split the meat with, maybe you can buy just enough to cram in your freezer? We're doing steaks this weekend :)

  4. What a beautiful header, yummy looking meal and cute little girl! I'm about to be your newest follower from the Green Blog Hop! :)
    Amy @

  5. That looks great! I'm avoiding dairy right now, but I'll have to save this for later.

    Welcome to the Green Blog Hop.

  6. Hey many people say they don't like grass-fed beef, but it's just b/c we've gotten used to the taste of corn-fed beef! Just like coffee or beer, it's an acquired taste you grow to love ;)

    Stick with the grassfed! woo! so much healthier/ more humane/ and "natural" for REAL!

    (got to love packages in the meat section of the store that say "all natural." uh, what else would it be? labels are so misleading!)


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