Homemade "Donuts" for breakfast

In our house, when you are super pumped, you show off with a little Strong Man.  These "donuts" must've been delicious, because Leo randomly threw us a little Strong Man covered in cinnamon and sugar :)

Here is a quick compilation of what you will need:
Please note: if you are baking 1st thing in the morning, you WILL need the coffee (to prevent spills) and the sweeper (to clean up the spills).  The hot pink ninja holding the egg in place is strictly optional.

It looks like I was drunk while doing this...I promise I was just sleepy.

Including Mommy's Little Helper in all the fun could be considered optional...
but it's mandatory in our house

After you roll the index finger/muffin in the cinnamon/sugar mixture, these babies are ready to go!
We strongly suggest you give these a try!!  You just might get a few "Strong Mans" to start off your day :)


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    Hmm.. the Washington Post. You must be in MD or VA. ( I'm originally from MD).
    I live in Florida now and the Daytona News Journal is the one the sells the paper cheaper later in the week. I'm not sure if the Washington Post does that.. but it may not hurt to call the subscription department and ask if they do anything like that.
    Another idea, is that you could ask around - friends, family, neighbors - you'd be surprised at how many get the Sunday paper but DON'T use the coupons. They could keep them for you.. my friend does that and she gets a lot.

    I'm going to follow you now. Your little one is adorable and these donuts look YUMMY!!

  2. haha. I could have used a few strong mans myself today!

  3. I've seen several blogger friends post about these, and all with raving reviews. Methinks I ought to give them a try!

  4. I love the pic of you little man! Thsnks for this post, it reminds me a REALLY need to make time for a baking project thing week!!


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