On siblings

The last couple weeks have been rough for the kids.  They are learning how to share and play together and it is a constant struggle - one of them always ends up crying.

However, this morning, I have been sitting here peacefully sipping my coffee and listening to the adorable sounds of imagination play from both kids.  They went fishing in the shoebox, played hide-and-seek, shared bad guy costumes and snuck around the house getting into trouble.

While I was working on a different blogpost, I found these photos and instantly was reminded that this past month wasn't really ALL that bad.  They had their moments and, although these moments are increasing in frequency, they really do have a lot of fun together.

A fellow blogger posted a question to other moms out there about the possibility of Baby #2: "It makes me feel all giddy, and yet...completely & utterly terrified.".  And I didn't respond yet because everyone's experience is different and it is such an extremely personal decision.  I have posted before on the Case for Siblings.  But, after looking through these photos just from the last month, 

Camille - here is my reply:

Oh cue waterfall effect...I am definitely pregnant and hormonal.  

And OH SO EXCITED to be giving these two another sibling in the next month :)  

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