7 Quick Takes (#18)

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*This 7 Quick Takes brought to you by Baby #3 who gave me a 4:30 am wake-up call.  I put my early morning to good use and blogged :)

1) Pity Party Entrance: I have hit a new low in my pregnancy physically and mentally.  I have been entertaining all sorts of different thoughts about how women back in the day had it easier.  Either you were rich enough to have servants do all the work while you rested your aching hips on a fainting couch, or you were poor enough that your house didn't have stairs.  And when the sun descended, your work finished for the day.  You didn't have toys all over the floor to pick up.  Your children could be sent outside all day every day without fear of CPS.  You can't sweep a dirt floor.  And your husband didn't commute an hour to work because there were no cars.  I do all the other stuff they do anyway (grind wheat, cloth diaper, make my own food/cleaning supplies, etc.) but I'm pretty sure they had it easier.  Seriously, I play Castleville.  I know what goes into living in the olden days.

I might also just be going on a week without decent sleep from aches and pains too.  That might be taking its toll on me mentally.  You know - causing delusions and whatnot.  Or I have been watching entirely too much Downton Abbey...

Thank God he installed the "pain" mechanism the last 2 weeks or I would be a reluctant laborer/deliverer come baby-having day.  I wasn't ready to have this baby until about 2 or 3 days ago.  Now?  BRING IT ON!!!!

See how the woman in the photo has her mouth open?  That's because her lungs are the size of pancakes and she can't breathe without utilizing all airways simultaneously.  And where is her tail?  Why haven't we evolved to grow tails to support the weight of the belly??

2) My children seem to forget that there is a child in my womb.  Elena is always running for safety from the "Cary Monster!!!" (scary).  She's pretty fast now and can scale the couch in a single leap.  She always lands on the belly.  The baby is just fine, surrounded by insulating layers of water and fat.  But me?  I'm DYYYIIIINNNNGGGG!!  And Elena has never heard me yell so much.  Every time she jumps on the baby I have to loudly tell her to get off.  Then she looks at me to see if I'm mad.  I'm not mad.  Just in pain...And then I snuggle her cute little face :)

3) We have hit a new season in the lives of my children.  They fight...a lot...They play hard all day around here.  But usually, play involves the same toy.

Elena used to get the brunt of Leo's bullying.  Now she has it ALL figured out!

I, as the keeper of the peace, try to help them work on conflict resolution.  And I try to think of ways to blog about their angelic faces.  But until the peace is restored, I am not pulling out my camera as often as I did in the past.  Aside from that, I can't move across the room to get the darn camera...

4) But in their defense, they are pretty nice to each other the other 20% of the day.  (I kid - it's more like 20.2%.  They really are good kids!)

(I caught them holding hands on the couch the other day - but I couldn't stand up fast enough to take a better shot!!)

(Sharing their pet Hexbug)
5) One thing about having children who play with each other and entertain each other is that it takes the pressure off of my hugely pregnant body to do a lot of the physical playtime activities.  We either save those for Dad...

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6) Or we just let the kids find their own fun game to play...

7) A few months ago, I posted about a few inspirational women who inspired me to start knitting/sewing.  One of these women is my cousin-in-law Charla.  When she heard I was pregnant with Leo and again when I was pregnant with Elena, she handmade a quilt for each of them!!  I assumed that since I had one of each - a boy and a girl quilt, that would be it.  And, since she is currently expecting her first baby (due in June), I thought she would be otherwise occupied.

But then this little wonder arrives in our mail the other day!!!

How gorgeous is that?!?!  We don't know if it is a boy or a girl and I am so pumped about the color choices she used (instead of the traditional "unisex" green and yellow). 

The kids love it so much I had to hide it from them.  Elena pulled it out of the box and tried taking a nap in it right away!

Genius that she is, she grabbed a potholder pillow :)

I cannot believe how much work you put into this for our little one!!  Thank you so much Charla!!!!  

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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