Sewing is the new black

I never had any desire to sit behind a sewing machine.  When I was 16, the skirts in fashion were see-through, a-line, not-quite-mini-but-short-enough, with a tiny floral print.  My mom reFUSED to purchase me any of this nonsense and insisted that if I wanted a skirt, I would make it myself.

I kinda did.  I made one khaki skirt with a pocket.  But I accidentally sewed the pocket shut.  The skirt was entirely too short but my 16-year-old-self didn't notice.  Besides, we committed the cardinal sin of sewing: we forgot to wash the material first.  So it wasn't my fault that the skirt was too short.

Now, it stands to reason that a frugal girl like myself should take up sewing.  But it has been a very slow and long process for me to develop a desire for sewing!!  Most of the desire has stemmed from a few inspirations, including Project Runway.  But that was always too 'perfect' for my taste.  I'd rather dig into something fun and be able to be relaxed if I ruin anything.

But then I noticed that EVERYONE around me seems to know how to sew.  All of a sudden, I caught sewing-fever and starting getting jealous of everyone who could sew!

My Inspirations

Mormons: Seriously - is there a Mormon out there who can't sew?????


Charla: Shortly after both of my children were born, my cousin-in-law sent us beautifully quilted blankets!!  I was so in love with having something so personal and handmade.  And they are so pretty!  We're not the only ones Charla spoils with her skills and I only wish they lived closer so I could bake her something!!

Charla won the Pirate Snuggie during Elephant Gift Exchange last Christmas and I think she traded it for a box of chocolates - Wise choice considering she could whip up a snuggie of her own in no time!!
These are the awesome quilts she made for the kids


Allison: She is a blogger, a very talented sewer, a new mom to a 3-month-old, and even has her own Etsy store!  She makes some of the cutest baby toys ever!  I love these squares with different textures and tags.  Allison posts her newest creations on her blog and I am always inspired to make something!  But mine usually ends up being food-related...

Crinkle Sensory Square at Lila's Locker


Grace: Earlier this year, I found Grace the blogger, sewer, baby-maker, mom extraordinaire though the world wide web.  She is hysterical and sees the world through glasses I wish I could put on sometimes.  She's my daily entertainment.  I found her blog and saw that she takes something like the dress below and turns it into magic!!  I am a wee bit jealous of her mad-skills.



Brooke: Jason made a trip to Texas this past summer and my friend Brooke gives him a gift for me!  When he gets home, I open it quickly and I was so surprised she bought me a hooter hider for nursing!  Those things are expensive.  But when I finally get in touch with her on the phone, she tells me she made it?!?!?!  WHAT???  It's sooo pretty and I can't wait to use it in February!  Imagine that?  Picking a beautiful fabric and making it instead of searching high and low for a hooter hider in a fabric you actually like?!  Love it :)


My mom: She grew up extremely poor.  She sewed every article of clothing she ever owned.  And, since she was so petite, she ended up altering all the items she ever purchased to fit her better her entire life.  She even whipped up Leo and Elena's baptismal gowns without even sweating.  I watched her every move when she sewed and am able to mimic some of her techniques (though not very well!).

She made Elena's Ladybug Costume in just a few minutes last year!

I told my mom a long time ago that the only possession of hers that I wanted was her sewing machine.  And so in her will, she gave me this sewing machine and the boxes of extra spools and bobbins.

And thank God for this handy drawer of tools.  I use them frequently to take the machine apart and try to put it back in working order after I jack it up...usually, I just kept this drawer open for easy access ;)

I recently browsed Pinterest to find some cool ideas for sewing projects.  I found a bevy of sewing blogs that are now safely lodged in my Google Reader.  Just yesterday, I saw this one pop up:

WHAT?!  Are you kidding me?!  I think you all already know about my love for costumes!!  I'll take 50 of those ridiculously fun cuffs!!!!  I'm not sure I've EVER seen something cooler!!  The fact that this blogpost tutorial went up on October 12th and I had my cuffs finished on October 13th should tell you how excited I was about them :)

I grabbed some of the leftover red and black felt from last year's ladybug costume which would match Leo's Superhero cape perfectly.  I literally sat down at the sewing machine at 1:30 and by 3:30 I had finished 2 brand new cuffs for my little superhero!!

Once I finished the first, I proudly placed it on top of the machine to admire while I finished the second.

I nearly threw in the towel when I had to hand sew the plastic velcro on because it kept busting the machine!!  It's not pretty, but I stuck it out and finished both cuffs completely!

What's that?? You think I should spoil myself with some fun sewing supplies??

Already did ;)

I also picked up some bags of felt fabric for Elena's costume.  

And some remnants to make some Superhero Cuffs for Elena!!

But now for the most important part: THE BIG REVEAL!!!

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