Project Big Girl Bed

For the last couple weeks, Jason has tried to suggest that we move Elena to a toddler bed.  He is trying to save me the pain of walking upstairs and getting her from her crib at each naptime and in the morning.  I was told by multiple family members last weekend that she is ginormous and I ought not be lugging her around.  I don't disagree.


Leo and Elena share a room.  I predicted mass chaos if they are both let loose in their room without supervision.  So I nixed Jasons' idea each and every time he generously suggested to switch her bed.

I mean - would YOU trust these two alone in their room together???????

But then, about 3 days ago, I heard the two of them wake up from their nap and I heard them making lots of noise upstairs but they never came down.  So I went up to investigate.  I found "Coach Leo" instructing Elena how to scale and exit her crib.  She was clear on the other side of the crib rail hanging on for dear life while Leo yelled "Now let go!  Jump!!  Jump!!"

Up to NO GOOD I tell you!!!!


So, in a ,moment of completely irrational pregnancy-induced panic, I told Jason to build her toddler bed.  Now.  Jason just looked at me like I was crazy.  Hadn't he been suggesting this for months???  Nevermind that honey.  Just build the bed ;)  (I'm nesting this week.  I just cooked 4 lbs grass-fed ground beef, a 4 lb free-range chicken and a 3 lb chuck roast for some freezer cooking post-baby!  It hit me a little late, but I'm on a roll and need complete cooperation!!)

After all - when Leo turned 2, we transitioned him to the toddler bed and actually had a really easy time with it.  So I was hopeful for Elena.

My patient and awesome husband got right to work.

She absolutely LOVES it!!!

And now she thinks she is such hot stuff because she can get herself out of bed and come downstairs, just like her big brother, to announce that she is awake!!

But - was my prediction correct?  Did they peacefully snuggle in their beds and go right to sleep at naptime?

I said goodnight at 2:00 pm.

Finally, at 3:30 pm, I went up to see how successful naptime was and this is what I found...

Elena is not quite aware of the trouble she is in.  But Leo?  He knows he is in trouble!!!  I knew full-well that they weren't actually going to sleep.  The thunderous roaring and laughing was kind of hard to ignore.  But I thought - better naptime than bedtime later tonight!  Let's just let them get it all out of their system.

So I sternly told them to quiet down, get in their beds and go to SLEEP!!!!

They both obliged and I said goodnight again.  

Miracle of miracles - they wore themselves out so bad that they fell asleep right away!

An hour later I had to wake her up from slumber to go pick up our food from the Co-op.

Project Big Girl Bed - A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

We are now 2 full days into the big girl bed and she has been completely obedient.  The first nap was too exciting for them to sleep but she has since snuggled into bed and fallen asleep within minutes.  I'm a little nervous about the next couple weeks, but so far, so good!

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