And now for his real gift!

We joked about recycling gifts for Leo's birthday, but his real birthday was Saturday the 18th, so we hopped in the car and went to the beach for the weekend!  Jason works with a sweet woman who gifted us her Ocean City condo for the weekend and we gladly took advantage of the gift!!

On Leo's birthday, we walked down the Ocean City boardwalk to wear the kids out before bed.  On a Saturday night...

Have you ever? 

Don't...It was beyond depressing.  Why?  Between the droves of teens rushing down to the "party" at the fairgrounds half-dressed to the full-grown but half-drunk adults chasing after them trying to find the party as well, we just did not belong. 

And the 11 year old girls getting tramp stamp henna tattoos...paid in full by dear old mom...

Oh, and there was that girl wearing a skin-tight flesh-colored body suit with fabric strawberries dangling all over it??????  WHAT???  And she was with her mom????  Okay - Moving right along!

But we made the best of it and had a little birthday treat for Leo and Elena.

While we were sitting there enjoying our ice cream, there was a girl advertising a small hole-in-the-wall store with a bubble gun.  (And by small hole-in-the-wall store I mean a store chock-full of paraphernalia.  Ocean City is a party town plain and simple.)

Leo spent the next hour talking incessantly about this bubble gun.  So we promised we would find him one!!!

We stopped at the first beach store we found and Jason ran in to find the gun.  (Ignore the lack of shorts in these photos - Leo was so excited he peed his pants.)

So now can we please be moved out of the "Cheapest Parents In America" category???

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