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For Father's Day this year, we spent the majority of our day in a car driving back from Ocean City.  I drove while Jason sat back and read the important parts out loud from our new book "Why Enough is Never Enough: Overcoming Worries About Money."  This book came along at exactly the right time for us considering how much money I spent on farm fresh chickens and organic expeller pressed coconut oil the last few weeks!  And my accidental purchase of 10 dozen farm fresh eggs...I have no idea what happened there...  I strongly recommend this book!  The author Gregory S. Jeffrey not only has a first name for his last name which instantly shoots him into the cool category along with Kirk Cameron and Olivia Newton John (THE TRIFECTA!!!), but he also is very witty and funny with his relaxed perspective about money.

But Father's Day didn't end with our road trip.  Leo even told Dad to kick up his feet, sit back and relax for his own personal spa day at home:

And, although this Father's Day card came a couple weeks early for Jason, he didn't mind.  This card was burning a hole in my pocket and needed to be read fast!

(To the untrained eye, there is no positive line.  To the woman who is actually reading the test in her pajamas outside in the bright sunlight while holding a flashlight in one hand and holding the test in the other only a half a centimeter from her pupil while the test is raised at a 45 degree angle, that is most definitely a positive!!!)

But we had even more fun telling his parents.  When they arrived at the train station after a 2-day journey from Fredericksburg, Texas, we piled in the minivan and let them know that we didn't have time to grab a few things from the store so we would have to make a super quick stop on the way home.  I gave Carla The List and asked if she would mind helping me grab everything.

That was fun :)  And now perhaps some of you understand the irregularity of posts and the complete absence of any post that references food.  I accidentally posted the Zucchini Banana Bread recipe while nauseous and now zucchini makes me sick to my stomach...uh oh...need to stop writing about zucchini now...

Now - Even though this is my third and I ought to be a pro by now, it is always important to brush up on my skills when you are talking about something as important as a new child.  Upon the advice of my very wise sister-in-law, who delivered my newest niece just one week ago, I checked out this site: Instrucciones para cuidar un bebé.

Here are just a few samples from their uber-important safety tips and tools for parents-to-be:

This is only a small sampling of their wisdom!!  For the rest of their sage advice, please visit their website!

And now if you will excuse me.  I'm going to go stuff my face with enough bread and sugar to stop the nausea.

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