mean vintage gifts!!!

I'm a bit of an overachiever.  For Leo's birthday party, we brought Jasons parents to my mom's house and had a huge party for Leo.  Since the majority of the people there were over the age of 16, I decided to make something delicious for the cake instead of the typical Funfetti with white frosting. 

As I was perusing Annies Eats the other day, I spotted the picture of Black Forest Cupcakes she took and immediately had to wipe the drool off my shirt.  Check it out here.  (Or just settle for my rushed and crappy photos below and trust me on the deliciousness.  I had to assemble them there and couldn't take any good photos.)


These cupcakes were a bit labor-intensive but well worth it!  And my excuse for doing all that work was that we didn't get Leo any birthday presents.  But he did get a ton of gifts.  Allow me to 'splain.

My sister had 6 kids and the youngest is 8.  She cleaned house and gave me a huge trash bag of toys.  Rather than shop for new ones, I simply wrapped the old ones and recycled them!

He got Tommy's old wrestling dudes.  He doesn't look so enthused about it though...

Perhaps that's because he's been playing with them his entire life...

But then we pulled out the big guns: A vintage Woody!!  From his older cousin Gavin!

They do everything together.  Woody helped Leo shut the door and Leo quickly exclaimed "Good job Woody!!  You did it!!!"

I guess the gift of Black Forest Cake was kinda lame.

So it's a good thing his grandparents and aunts and uncles love him a lot!!!

Talk about spoiled!!!  Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts.  He is loving them!!

(And in our defense, we waited until his actual birthday over the weekend to buy him a gift.  And I assure you it was awesome!)

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