Back in the saddle!!

I haven't done a good round of couponing in a while!!  We have a decent stockpile built up and I just don't have the need for many groceries.  We also spent the last few weeks just buying groceries for Thanksgiving and for donations.  It's really hard to put out the amount of effort needed to coupon when you can live off the food in your house for weeks!!! 

We finally managed to run our kitchen so bare the only thing for breakfast was Dunkin Donuts...awww MAN! ;)

Then we got down to business.  I didn't have coupons for some of the stuff I needed and a bunch of the stuff I needed wasn't on sale.  Turns out I did okay anyway!  But, I did split my purchase into 2 transactions to get some catalinas from the Pillsbury Dough and I forgot to put the milk with them for a free gallon of milk! 

I spent a total of $77.09 and saved $64.52!
(Milk not pictured - and the cheese looks weird b/c my camera stitched a panorama shot together!)

and like I said - this was a shopping trip of necessities only.  A man's gotta eat right?? 

And a big shout-out to my frugal husband who replaced my broken camera with this one!!  And he paid 1/2 price for it by shopping sales.  I LOVE IT!!!!  It's technically my Christmas present but I had to open it early.  My old one is too sticky to turn on.  I have no idea what substance spilled on it...

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  1. Nice and shiny new camera! And congrats on the shopping excursion. I'm impressed, as ever.


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