It's all about perspective

Last week I was told by a young single girl that my blog "provided all the birth control I need!"

...she's lucky I didn't hear her right.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and moved right along with the conversation.  I wasn't sure I heard it right.  And my inner-Mama Bear assured me that a sane person wouldn't utter such words unless they wanted a throw-down.  (Okay okay, not really - I am just not a fighter.  And I'm not easily offended.  It takes quite a bit to rile me up.)

I mean come on - what doesn't look fun about this??????

Well, I have had a week to think about it.  The original goal of my blog wasn't for young 20-somethings without children.  My intention was to share Leo and Elena with our extended family.  Then, I discovered the vast blogging world!  Now, I have fun with my blog - sharing my own life and also Leo and Elena with all.

But I haven't been able to get the comment out of my head.  It's not like I glamorize motherhood or make it look like the easiest thing ever.  Perhaps this post or this one had everything to do with her comment. 

I have been thinking back to my own life before kids.  I always wanted children.  My sister has 6 children and I spent a good portion of my teens and early 20s thinking about all the things she went through and thought there was no possible way I'd survive it let alone ENJOY it!!

It's all about perspective.  When my sister told me of sleepless nights with sick children, I was worried I would hate my kids if they got sick.  Children who got on my nerves or behaved like tyrants worried me.  I was worried that I would get annoyed by my own children in the same way.  The prospect of not having time to watch TV or read a book worried me.  Not being able to eat without the vultures surrounding you for a bite.

The fact of the matter is: You cannot describe what having your own children is like.  I do these tasks happily.  My 20-year-old self could not have predicted how happy my 29-year-old self would be. 

My 20-year-old self looks at this picture and can't believe the mess.  Who's going to clean it up???
I look at it and can't wait to give her noodles again tomorrow night!!


  1. I cant help but notice that gorgeous blonde child in the brown dress sitting next to you, I mean, wow!!

  2. ppl have said that phrase to me too and I hate that phrase. How rude.

    you do have a very positive perspective.


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