Where in the world do you store all of this stuff?!

My friend Sophia asked me after my last post with all the pasta sauce "Where in the world do you store all of this stuff?!" 

Well, a few weeks ago, I started our "stockpile."  I have been adding to it as I buy food and taking away from it as I cook.  I cook/bake a ton so I am not bursting at the seams here.  Here is our awesome pantry (HUGE selling point on this house!!)  It looks messier than it is!  Everything is actually organized and in their respective categories.  All the cans of soup I bought fit in here, some pasta sauce and all the cereal.

I have a cupboard for baking supplies/canned goods.  We just donated a bunch to a food pantry so it's not as full as it was last week.

The fridge is empty, except for some leftovers, veggies, yogurt, butter, milk and eggs!  I only buy what we need when we need it so nothing goes to waste.  The freezer is overloaded...there is an entire shelf for just diced apples and applesauce!!  Also a shelf for shredded cheese and flour.  The whole bottom shelf is just veggies - from our garden and boxed from the store.

Our extra storage is in the basement.  At the bottom of the stairs is my stockpiling cabinet.  I keep (what's left of) our Halloween candy down there.  Since it is stored downstairs, the majority of it is actually still down there!!  I'm very proud of that :)

We have lots of pasta/sauce, oatmeal, coffee, chocolate chips and cereal down there.  Also, some cleaning supplies and our extra toiletry items are down there (what can't fit in the linen closet upstairs).

We also have our new deep freeze with all of the meat from our cow, more flour, french fries, and some chicken.

So there you have it Sophia!  I admit, if I continue shopping like I have been the last few trips, I won't have any room in my house.  But my goal was to make it so that I could skip shopping if we ran on hard times.  With the car accident yesterday, we might have to get a new vehicle so getting used to a car payment for 2 people with paid-off cars is going to hurt for a while!  I can skip shelling out cash for the groceries if I want. And that feels great!


  1. I'm right there with you. I go through spurts of stockpiling and than just kind of necessity shop for MONTHS.

  2. Ditto Heather!!

    Also thanks for joining Read My Feed Weekends!! I'm following with my google reader now



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