Giant Eagle Kraft Deal

I broke up this weeks shopping trip into 2 separate transactions.

#1: Total cost $22.17.  Saved $22.35.  50%!!!

I know - that's a lot of cheese :)  But Kraft deal was if you buy $15.00 in Kraft, you get a $5.00 catalina at the register.  10 bags of cheese, 6 blocks of cheese, 5 boxes of Mac'N'Cheese and 2 tins of Maxwell House gave me $15.00 toward my next purchase!

#2: Total cost $31.53.  Saved $40.24.  56% savings. 
Without the $15.00 in catalinas, this would have cost me $46.73. 

I'm going to try and shop more of these catalina deals in the future!!


  1. Hi Gail... great post! I hope you used the $5 off 5 participating Kraft products coupon!

  2. I just need to hire you to shop for me...I mean, really.

  3. Cassandra: I used THREE $5.00 off Kraft coupons!!! It was a very exciting shopping trip!

    Amy: My mom is begging me to do her shopping :) It is seriously a part-time job though. And I'm so restrictive now. I had guests over and wouldn't buy them a jug of juice because it was $3.00...But we will shell out $$ for beer and wine!!

  4. AWESOME! I just got 5 free containers of Breakstone Sour Cream (on sale for .99) at Market Basket with one of my coupons! We eat alot of chili and burritos in my house so this is an awesome score!!!


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