Safe and sound

Bright, sunny morning.  All 4 of us in my car.  We had the right-of-way.  We weren't speeding.  The poor girl was blinded by the sun and pulled out from her stop sign right into our car.

All of the car parts on the ground belong to her car.  I'm not sure what was louder.  The squealing brakes or me screaming.  I gave myself whiplash yanking my head to the back of the car to see if everyone was alive and well.  Elena slept right through it all.  (Go ahead and TRY and tell me guardian angels don't exist!!!  All 4 of ours were hard at work this morning!)

Leo was a little more worried.  Mostly just about the owies on the car.  The young girl driving the other car was okay.  Very shaken up, but otherwise fine.
We find out next week if my car made it out alive.  I have a feeling my Salsa Dodge Neon is a goner.


  1. Even the smallest of accidents can be so scary, especially with your kids in the car with you! I'm glad everyone made it out safe and sound. Yes, our guardian angels are very real.

  2. Oh my gosh so glad you're all okay! It's scary how sometimes you literally have no control over accidents because of the other drivers.

  3. I'm so glad that you all are all right. That is terrifying. Glory to God, and thanks be for our guardian angels.


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