Secret Santas

With so many adults in our families to shop for, we do Secret Santa's every year.  Getting everyone together in Jason's family to pick names is impossible because we all live in different states.  Getting everyone together in my family is impossible because we are all highly distractable and can't remember why we got together.

So this year, we elected Leo to choose the names out of a hat.  He takes this responsibility very seriously and the occasion merited his Sunday best.  After digging his vest and tie out of his closet, we were ready to begin.

(This is his serious face.  He knows when to turn off the silly and get to work!)

"Mom - you got..."

"Okay - that's just ridiculous.  I'm 2 and I can't read."

1 comment:

  1. haha we do a "cousin swap" with my hubs' family because there are something like 30 people.


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