The stupidest bug alive

Stinkbugs are not only big but also slow and DUMB!  In the land of survival of the fittest, they don't stand a chance!!  In my house, their odds are decreased even more.

Stinkbug: start flying, or running, or something!!

Seriously stinkbug?  How 'bout now????

Yup - Your dead. 

We actually returned this stinkbug to his natural habitat without harming him any way.  I cannot say the stinkbug that Elena found a couple weeks ago enjoyed the same fate.  But she did enjoy a protein-rich and deliciously stinky snack.


  1. "Yep, you are dead!"

    So, didn't even know those things were called stink bugs. I've always thought that was just a made up name, or something I call my little one when she is dirty!

    Isn't it funny that kids don't fear bugs? I love it!

  2. I prefer to kill the bugs. Actually I prefer if my husband kills the bugs. But like you, he prefers to return them to their "natural habitat" which is outside of my house...where they can come back in!


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