The 90s never looked so good

I am a woman of minimal fashion skills or sense. I wore overalls for about 10 years. Everywhere. I wore them to the bar, the park, 7-11, Walmart. I didn't wear them to church. That would just be indecent.

But I loved them so much I bought a pair of maternity overalls when I was pregnant with Leo. Is there anything more unattractive than a large pregnant woman in overalls?  (Don't ever google the phrase most unattractive. Consider yourself warned.)

Okay so let's just say that at 34, overalls are out for good. Unless I lose so much weight that they look good on me again. Then I'm bringing them back. Oh you know what?!  I'm going to make a sweet pair of overalls my weight loss present! You know, the present you splurge on when you finally reach your goal weight?? Here will be my inspiration board:

You know you want those overalls!!
Well, since the 90s obviously never went out of style (proof: they are still selling overalls), I am also rockin' some awesome Birkenstocks courtesy of the husband who knows me so well:

Just kidding!!!! 
(I know a few of you cringed thinking I had gone back to my old ways...)

Here are my new sweet kicks:

I have to share them with you for a couple reasons. 

First, they are adorable. (Look at all my mini hippies in their brown sandals!! May the 90s live on forever!!)

Second, I had no idea Birkenstocks went and created such comfortable shoes that were so cute!

I am in a group on Facebook where someone asked what everyone's favorite shoes for summer were. I have been living in various shades of $10 flip flops for the last 8 years so these women were a treasure trove of information with their recommendations.  I told Jason that I wanted adult sandals (not flip flops) that were super girly and comfortable. And so Jason ordered these for my birthday.

I am just so excited that Birkenstocks are hip again. (Or did they just never really go out of style, hmmm?) I remember being talked into going on a date with a guy I did not connect well with. In order to dissuade him from asking me on a second date, when he arrived to pick me up I was making shrinky dinks and wearing baggy jeans, a man's wool sweater, and birkenstock's with huge woolly socks...he ended up asking me to marry him. (Not Jason) So maybe we don't give these shoes enough credit for the power they have held over the last couple decades??  
Birkenstock Yara Thongs
I know they are summer shoes, but I'm already buying woolly socks so I can squeeze into these year-round. Bringing back the 90s one small step at a time!!  I will always be #TeamBirkenstock.

I think I've proven my point.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lady. I absolutely love them! Except when we are camping and I have to go pee in the middle of the night. Buckling them was near impossible! ;)

  2. I miss overalls! I rocked mine through high school and college. I need to make a pair happen soon. I love your birks! I'm rocking Tevas right now (that may or may not have been from high school and I never wore them then because I had Birks...) I have mini hippy babies as well - only 90% of the time you'll find them in a store taking off their shoes. Ugh.

    1. Tevas were definitely next on my list! But my husband knew me well enough to understand my love affair with birks! And shoes for kids are totally overrated. My babies don't wear shoes until they are 2 but we had to dig around for an old pair for the baby for camping. Toes in the dirt is where it's at!!!

    2. Word. Understand completely. We had one pair of baby shoes floating about. They are girly. Any future children I have pretty much need to be girls because of this ;)


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